4:20 Clinic  - Not your average tobacco shop...
Doc in the Gray area
Description:             Savvy business man
 Quote:                       "Only god can Judge me"
Size:                             Larger than life
Height:                      4ft 2
Weight:                     420lbs
Hair:                            Gone
Hobbies:                                Making you feel good...
Special Talents:                  Walk and Chew gum...
Favorite 420 clinic moment: Conception
Highest moment:        One time Trimmin with my cutty 

Goals:     Be the best tobacco shop franchise 
                  in the nation.

Movie:                         Scarface
Song/Artist :            Only God Can Judge Me / 2pac
TV Series:                  Weeds 
Place to burn:          Bed
Ride:                             1972 GTO
Roller Coaster:        Gemini
Actor/Actress:         Al Pachino / Julia Roberts
Is the cup half full or half empty?       Always half full
What do I do to relax?         Shoot people in the face

Underline which apply.               
Sex? (Yes / No     Never / Often / Anytime    Male / Female / Both / Toys    Gentle and Slow / Rough and Fast )